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Our Environmental Commitment.

Environmental factors play a major role in our dewatering systems and equipment.

Our well trained staff and years of experience enable us to gauge the environmental impact and work towards the best possible result. We ensure all of our equipment meets or exceeds Government guidelines. We are serious about keeping our groundwater and soil safe from contamination. Backup systems are always in place to keep our process safe and clean.

The use of NFPA approved containers and absorbents ensure sites remain clean and spill free. A thorough inspection process on site exit ensures that no sludge or mud from dewatering operations leave the site. No waste leaves the site on workers clothing or gear.

Fluid Technology is diligent in selecting the proper polymers or flocculants for your project. When working with sensitive discharge requirements we use NSF approved polymers. Our team of experts will assist in the proper polymer to meet requirements for discharge levied by state and federal authorities.

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